how to get over someone and promote art


Don’t cut your hair

Don’t have flings off tinder or any other apps that help you get horizontal with strangers who may use your body to tarnish your spirit

Don’t indulge in pity parties

Don’t drink too much

Don’t go on a diet or deprive yourself of anything you may usually indulge

Don’t keep holding onto anything of theirs Even if it’s a wrapper of some cheap gum they gave you,all of it has to go


Go for walks after crying your heart out

Go sit in a cafe and have a nice cup of coffee and eat cake

Make/plan your meals

Read books in between crying your heart out

Cry and eat simultaneously

Buy new clothes this is no impulsive retail therapy a very planned capsule wardrobe

Cry as much as you can

Eat good quality cheese

Cry again

Drink good quality wine

Don’t forget to cry

Have crackers and Nutella dinner once a week preferably on a Friday or Saturday (not more than 10 crackers and 3 tablespoons of Nutella)


All of this may take about two months

Remember to isolate yourself partially while carrying out the above

Now the real deal -

Read about art

Get your Klimt and Bosch right

Follow and lick all the art you can

Keifer and Pollock and Abramovic

Miro and Frida and Goya

Know your pop and performance and expressions

If you have the money go look at it

If you don’t just look at it on the Internet

Get A3 prints made of those that you love

Have art parties

Have wine and art parties

Art people are the best because they will never ask you about your relationship status

Surround yourself with creatures who look at you as a whole person

Become the art

Become the art of the moment

Remember art is for pleasure

Art is not you being not enough for some one

When you are at it you will realise that your focus was on loving and still loving however the time that separated you from your mistaken love has been considerable so first while crying you missed them

Missed their words and voice and smell

Then when you cried you missed the feeling of being loved

Then you cried for yourself

As a human you must have by now piled the reasons not to be miserable

Not to be helpless

So those reasons may be-

They never called back / how would this look on canvas

They abused / imagine the words

They let you cry yourself to sleep/ Monet Monet Monet

They betrayed you once twice thrice it’s the same / small miniature art form maybe?

They never gave you the respect you deserved/ rothko for meditation

They never cared about your happiness/ van goghs good

They looked down at you/ pollocks style was not easy

They cheated on you/ the light in renoir paintings

They let you decide things and then later blamed you for the same/miro had a way with colours

They were never grateful / frida was lucid

Love isnt any or all of the above

That’s it

When time goes by you will remember only this

You will not feel like crying

Or missing the love and longing is now replaced by incompetences and reminders of betrayal

You didn’t lose anything that was essentially you

You gained the strength to overcome

You are now a canvas that can hold any painting

That’s why art.

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