Can turn your office into a creative space?

I’ve been practicing sketching and painting since my childhood. After completed my graduation, I got confused to choose my career path. It took more than 6 months to decide the right direction. The only concern was whatever the profession, It shouldn’t affect my Art and Artistic background and my Artistic background should be helpful for my profession. Finally, I decided to start my journey as a User Experience designer (UI&UX). I tried to find my own time to boost my Artistic background so I can apply them to the design. Meantime, I’ve concentrated on illustrations as well. My luck, I got some good Design Managers, Team leads, and lovely colleagues who supported me a lot.

Every day I use to come to my office 30 minutes early and leave for 30 minutes late which means I got 1 hour extra in the office that I can use. During the coffee break, I’ll take 5 minutes more (I hope that won’t affect my productivity lol) and instead of having in the pantry, I will take into my cabin and I will start my Artworks. More than 1 hour in a day is pretty enough to enhance skillset in Art. The hilarious truth is, don’t ask me what will you do at your home haha. Because I kept the device at the office. But yes I will be doing some hand sketches and paintings with pencil and brush.

And I’m realizing that, If we can use our time wisely, of course, you can turn your office into a creative space without affecting your productivity of official works.

Here are some Digital Paintings that I’ve successfully completed by taking extra hours as I mentioned above.

Shark in the Deep Sea- Digital Painting | Wacom Cintiq | Adobe Photoshop
Puppy Love- Digital Painting | Wacom Cintiq | Adobe Photoshop
Eagle- First Attempt of Digital Painting | Wacom Cintiq | Adobe Photoshop