Documentation overhaul at Sheetlabs HQ

This week marks the release of a significant overhaul of the Sheetlabs documentation. We’ve split documentation into two sections:

Documentation for API authors

If you’re using Sheetlabs to create APIs from spreadsheets, then this is the documentation you’ll want to read. It covers everything from uploading spredsheets (or importing from Google Sheets!) through to controlling access to your first API.

There’s also a detailed API reference for our Administrative API that lets you perform all of the same functions as the Sheetlabs web interface.

Documentation for API consumers

If you’re consuming a Sheetlabs API that someone else has published, then look no further, this documentation will answer all of your questions. This documentation details all of the advanced features are aren’t documented by the API itself (such as support for a variety of different output formats, limiting/offsetting the results, and much more).

The new documentation is available immediately at

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