Five L&D Lessons Learned While Riding a Bike

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There is an old home movie of me. It’s a little grainy and shockingly low-def to my current eyes so used to a 4K world. But the character and the story is clear: I’m a fresh 5-year old with little blue shorts and a white shirt. My brown hair is up in a ponytail and I have an adorable determined look on my face. Mixed in with the determination, though, is a little bit of hesitation, a little bit of “what if I fall?” There are some kids from the neighborhood who are cheering me on, but the real hero…

Exploring the tech trends as they pertain to L&D

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Gartner’s report revolves around two main themes: “People Centric” and “Smart Spaces.” Any industry needs to keep up with technology trends as well as their own and L&D is no different. Let’s explore.

“The technology trends that you can’t afford to ignore…”

A Summary of Gartner’s Report

While I summarize the report below, I highly recommend you read the report if you are interested in this topic.


  1. Hyperautomation — everything that can be automated will be automated. For example, rental car companies exploring automating the entire process of renting a car. No interaction with a human is required.
  2. Multiexperience — Moving away from holding the…

How the Evolution of Finding Information has Changed L&D

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We search for a lot of things: meaning, our keys, a partner to share our lives with. We humans, we’re seekers. Explorers. Discoverers. Endlessly curious. My wife and I can’t watch a movie without looking at least one thing up. It feels urgent when we do. We simply MUST know where else we’ve seen that actor. What song is that? How old is Michelle Pfeiffer? (She’s 62.)

When was the last time you looked for some information? If you’re like 94% of the earth’s population, you did it within the last day and you did it on Google.

Digital search…

Let’s talk about the future. I’m talking wayyy into the future.

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We’re not looking at the immediate and current trends to try to predict “what’s next” in L&D. No, we’re going beyond. Like, 50–100 years. What is corporate learning going to look like in 2070? In 2100!?

A Vision of the Present, from the Past

I love thinking about what will be, about what could be. We are living in an exciting time where all the information in the world is at your fingertips immediately. When I was a kid, I had to wait two weeks until my mom could…

Learning Objectives. We’ve all seen that phrase underneath course titles. Could anything be any more dull?

Here’s how a typical course is listed out:

Course Title

Learning Objectives: This course teaches you skill x, skill y, and skill z.

Description: This course is good and teaches you about things. Learning is good, right?!

And now your learner is sleeping and uninterested. Sure, there’s that .01% unicorn learner that loves learning for the sake of learning and spends all their free time doing that very thing. But, as we all know, the majority of the workforce is way too busy to really dig into the learning that’s available to them.

As Learning Professionals, we all dream of…

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Exploring the potential of Voice Assistants as a learning technology.

2018 will be marked as a pivotal year for voice technology. It will be everywhere because it already is. Have you thought about its impact on your learners? There will be a massive shift in the way your learners will want to interact with your learning. We, as learning leaders, must understand this technology’s power and potential and be prepared to utilize in an upcoming project.


Have you heard of my friends, Cortana, Hey Google, Siri or Alexa? At first, they were nowhere and now you can find just about everywhere. In the beginning, only…

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