Scroll down before you blow up your life…

Before You Blow Up Your Life

Your head starts with a niggling thought. Maybe I’m not doing exactly what I’m here to do. Maybe this thing I’m doing just isn’t good enough. Maybe…

The inner urge is cut, run and go as far away as possible. Quit is what your brain is telling you. But…

You gotta pay the rent, with what, how, OMG what am I gonna do?

Blowing up what you’ve got is good until about 23 and then the grown up life is when things need to shift. Take what you’re doing right now and think about what you want to do and begin a plotted journey to getting there.

Think about this:

“If you knew that you were with the right people, partners and model and could create a 2.0 version of that exactly the way you wanted what would you begin doing today?”

There’s a good chance that you’ll begin thinking about what you need to do to take a course of action that leads to massive success. It’s like taking the exit off a highway and gradually getting to the stop sign and making another choice.

When things feel intense we often want out so desperately that the eject button, the knee jerk reaction is the only out we see. You do this three times and you’re setting yourself up for a consistent habit of bailing and usually you’re bailing right before it gets good.

The inner work you’ll do during this phase of your life will shape you into the dream or freedom you sought in the first place. Seeds of the past always need to be worked and go through friction to achieve a much brighter space above ground and in the light.

That darkness we’re feeling is only momentary and yet making it about forever and not realizing that we’ve felt better before prolongs it. The light that you’re seeking isn’t on the other side it is on the inside.

This light is in the tiniest of actions. One step, one story re-written after we’ve purged ourselves of the negative written story will give light. A mantra of “it’s ok” can actually get you out of head jail quickly.

The danger of blowing up what you’ve got is recovering from that takes 10 times the energy, concentration, intention and consistency than the shifting from the old to the new.

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