Does Thinking Exhaust You or Energize You

Thinking good things is good for you.

Well now that your brain is on this page let’s journey around in it.

In 1989 there was a paper done that computed the brain energy in watts. This is what was discovered — The total energy consumption of the brain is about 25 watts and useful consumption of that is at about 10 watts.

Every thought has an energy and can be measured. It has been proven that every negative thought takes 2.5 times the amount of a positive thought. More than that positive thoughts are said to increase in velocity and create more positive energy.

Science says this and yet we are always thinking computationally, linearly, factoid-ally and in such dense negative manners that every time you try to think yourself out of problem the bigger the problem gets and the more negative and dysfunctional you become around that thought.

This is why some of the best advice says to let it go, get up walk around and do something different.

When I was in corporate and managing teams I always said have a trashy magazine around so that you can have a brain break. Why? Because we cannot create from where we are but from where you need to be.

Einstein says…Doing that same thing and expecting a new result is the definition of insanity.

As for thinking giving or taking energy you must imagine that the more positive energy you give it — good thoughts, good water, good words, good interactions, good air etc will give more energy.

More energy means more possibilities and likely more successes.

One of my signature sayings is: “Think in an upward trend.”

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