Three T’s Preventing You From Profit

I’m reminded going to the chiropractor that there are three things that make the body become mis-aligned.

These three things apply to many parts of you life and business and health alignment.

First T to deal with is Toxin

Every time you ingest a toxin, intentionally or unintentionally the body responds. It responds with pain, aches, sleeplessness, bloating and the spine usually gets out of alignment more easily.

A toxin could be sugar, gluten, too much of a cleansing herb, not enough water, pollution, etc. There are so many toxins that we experience every day that it’s a necessity more and more to learn how to cleanse out the system properly. Too much of anything can become a toxin and cause more harm than good.

Second T to handle is Trauma

This one is sticky because a trauma can lie dormant causing confusion and chaos in our lives. Trauma is sitting in our unconscious and can help or hinder our progress. Could be the tiny little trauma that remains unchecked that puts a block or becomes a saboteur when going for the next step.

Traumas affect mind and mindset, which then can affect nearly everything. The deepest of traumas that are not handled or rooted out of the unconscious become the nagging health challenge that you keep putting a bandaid over.

It’s these traumas that can become our greatest ally when working with someone like me to help you achieve freedom and your fullest potential. Or you could start with getting your body aligned and begin meditating and exercising, which is a small start and better than no start.

The last T to address is tension

Yep, simple and yet complex. Tension is when the body, brain, belief has held onto a way of being or existing for much too long. The body then gets rigid, thinking becomes inflexible and results become more difficult to achieve with ease.

People such as Richard Branson release their tension through constant movement, physical and mental.

I recently spent a week on Neckar Island and witnessed his own style of relief of tension. He had just sold Virgin America and was tense about how Alaska Air was going to take care of his “people”. The next day he played 4 full games of tennis, kite surfed that morning and played several rounds of chess. He said his process was to “clear his desk” and mix those activities.

Now this is a shining example of tension release.

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