The best start in life isn’t always the recipe for the best successes. Lots of speed bumps, pot holes, canyons, fractures and GPS re-routes is the life that makes for some juicy stories.

Here’s a little one for you:

By all accounts I had a charmed life growing up. As a girl who was really more a tomboy and was completely introverted I found myself in a world that was loud and wanted more things loud. I got pushed out there a great deal. First by my mom then by my dad who was very extroverted and a natural at it.

All I wanted was to explore the world beyond the 3,000 ish people that were the foundation of my teen years. My first venture was out of that town was not successful and then I went to college only not far enough away. I wanted to live in California from the time I heard they went to school in shorts and walked between buildings when most days the sun was shining.

At last I made it to Southern California, to live and not just visit.

One of my dad’s truest bits of wisdom for the introverted me was: If I was feeling bad, mad, sad or lonely the best thing for me was to go feed someone, talk to someone and if I could make them laugh, give someone a hug or just sit with someone.

This came in handy for me to live by given that it was so easy for me to be without others around.

Made it to SoCal and a month later met the love of my life, who by the way asked me to marry him the evening of the party we were at. Took some time to convince me to marry him but persistent he was and I took the plunge. So happy I did and then…

I wake up 2 1/2 years later to a knock on my bedroom window telling me to get up and answer the front door. The police were there with my mother to tell me my husband died in a motorcycle accident.

The shock and confusion ensued but one thing remained, that advice from my dad. I was so lost that all I could think to do was to give away everything he had to others who were on their journey. I gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools and stuff he had to various colleges. This then led me to focus on finding a way to help others never feel the pain and loss and suffering I felt and so I started feeding the homeless.

My thinking was if I could just ease one person’s pain or challenge then I might feel a bit better. This did happen and I took every part of my career, income and business revenues to help others.

I feel that if there is one less person in pain, sadness or anguish through what I teach or know or my charity, Create a Bright Life, then it will all be worth it.

What about you?

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