First the books, now the newsletters …

A few weeks ago, I wrote a quick note about the business books I would recommend to MBA students. The list was not exhaustive, but some were surprising choices, which had a few people pinging me privately for thoughts on why I chose those books.

I find newsletters equally engaging. I can imagine in this day and age, yet another email would be exhausting. I’m one of those ‘zero unread’ emails type person. So for me, the newsletters have to be relevant, thought provoking and engaging.

Here are my top ones, and why, in no particular order:

  1. Fortune’s The Broadsheet: because women run the world.
  2. Hustle: because I like to keep informed, and they do a nice summary on tech, culture, and business.
  3. Ben Thomson’s Stratechery: because he’s one of the most insightful writers on media and tech.
  4. Anjali Ramchandran’s Other Valleys: because Silicon Valley is not the only place on the planet that has amazing technologies and ideas; this focuses on the Emerging Markets.
  5. Product Hunt: because I have to know what’s the latest in tech!
  6. Kevin Rose’s The Journal: because I love horology, and Rose has some interesting opinions on a variety of 2stc issues (see also Hodinkee).
  7. First Round Review: because I work as a COO at a startup, and First Round put out some great articles on building and scaling organisations, from technologists themselves.
  8. Robert Glazer’s Friday Forward: because everyone needs a little Friday pick me up, and something reflective and inspiring to think about going into the weekend; Galzer’s Forwards are invariably wonderful.

One that I haven’t mentioned is Brené Brown’s Courage Works. She’s updating her site and communication tools, so once its back up, I would strongly recommend subscribing to her newsletter and blog — its soul building.

My zero inbox goals exists so to have an email I’d open, read through, digest, and potentially store, is rare.

I’d love to hear of ones you subscribe to, and you’d recommend.