This is a guest post from our friends OneCause.

Running a charity auction involves tracking many moving parts. But, one of the most important elements of your event is the items you procure. Without a solid list of auction items, you’ll have a harder time hitting your fundraising goals.


We feel your pain.

You want to:

  • Grow your consultancy;
  • Smooth out the peaks and valleys associated with traditional contract work;
  • Lengthen engagements with clients and retain them;
  • Stay on the cutting edge;
  • Garner better results for the organizations you partner with (so they’ll refer you to others);
  • Help your…

What would you do with $40B? If you’re Warren Buffett you might donate it all to charity. If you’re anything like me, you’ll analyze it.

This past week at Fundraising Report Card we surpassed $40B in donations analyzed by our FREE analytics tool. Even I had to pause for a…

“We launched a new website,” he exclaimed. “No longer are we living in the past, now we are here!” Eh, I’ve heard better from speakers, but I’ve certainly heard worse.

We were sitting in the Palm Court Ballroom at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. …

And, just like that, it has come and gone — wasn’t 2018 fun? With a new year among us, the dates on our calendars have changed but many other things have stayed the same, specifically the challenges we face day in and day out.

If your organization is anything like…

“What does leadership mean to you?”

Ever since we started hiring for four positions at once, I’ve been asking a lot of candidates this question. (P.S. if you’re reading this, checkout our current open positions!)

“Well, I think it means not being afraid to roll up your sleeves every once…

“Alright everyone, gather around, it’s time for us to say one thing we are thankful for before we eat.”

Her arms were moving rapidly, a spoon in one hand, a pot holder in the other. The glare she was giving her eldest son (a teenager) made it clear that now…

Yes, it’s among us — cooler weather, shorter days, holiday music in the department stores — the end of year is here.

Over the past few weeks our team has shared with you a few resources meant to support you in your year end push. We discussed #GivingTuesday on the…

A few months back I wrote a blog post titled, “What You Should Include in a Board Presentation (with Examples & A Free Template).” If you didn’t get a chance to read that post (or download the free template), please do. It’s time to be prepared for your board report.

Do you see what I see? Halloween costumes on the store shelves, Black Friday deals on the tv screens… It’s here, the end of the year is among us.

This week marks the beginning of the 4th quarter of the calendar year. October, November, and December represent (for many organizations)…

Zach Shefska

I'm an entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. I've spent the past year developing the, a data analysis tool for nonprofits.

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