Jewels of the Russian Ballet & The Song of Deborah Premieres December 2019 at the Colony Theater in South Beach

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An Art Basel Winter Dance Showcase

Miami Beach

A night of scintillating collaboration awaits you December 7, 2019 at the Colony Theater on Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami and Miami Art Week. Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM) artistic director Eriberto Jimenez, in collaboration with St. Lucie Ballet, artistic directors Rogelio Corrales and Lydia Oquendo, will present “Jewels of the Russian Ballet.”

“Jewels of the Russian Ballet” will highlight selected pieces of the most famous Classical Ballet Repertoire from the renowned Russian choreographers Mikhail Fokine and Marius Petipa, including: “Scheherazade” based on the female character and storyteller of the Middle Eastern collection of tales known as ‘One Thousand and One Nights;’ the Odalisque’s pas de trois from “Le Corsaire” inspired by Lord Byron’s epic poem, and “The Awakening of Flora,” based on the Greek myth of Flora Goddess of Spring.

Cuban Classical Ballet original works include “Yerma,” choreography inspired by a tragic poem by Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca about a childless woman living in rural Spain. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrific crime. And “Habaneras” — la Habanera is a sign of cultural identity, artistic expression with great refinement from intimacy to higher and romantic states of mind.

New original choreography in collaboration with Grace Arts Florida, artistic director Clare Vickery, “The Song of Deborah,” is inspired by ancient Biblical history of a wise woman who rose-up against tyranny to lead her people to victory and secure peace that lasted for decades. The ballet features epic video mapping by Tech Artist, Miki Humo, live drumming and a mix track by Artist and co-Creator, Dario Adames, inspired by Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero,” and the 1960’s protest song by Jefferson Airplane,”White Rabbit.”

What: Art Basel Winter Dance Showcase: Jewels of the Russian Ballet & The Song of Deborah Premieres December 2019 at the Colony Theater in South Beach

When: Saturday, December 7 / 8:00 pm

Where: Colony Theater

1040 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

Tickets at:

Call: Theater Box Office 305–673–7300

For media interviews contact Clare Vickery at Grace Arts FL

About the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami was founded in 2006 by late Cuban director and choreographer Pedro Pablo Pena with the mission to promote and preserve the Classical Ballet Repertoire as exemplified by the Cuban School of Ballet.

Grace Arts Center aka Grace Arts FL teamed up with the late Pena to create murals on site at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center (MHCAC and home of the CCB) and with Mr. Jimenez as well as to create multidisciplinary works for the stage since 2016. “Each time we try something new and unexpected, said Clare Vickery of Grace Arts Fl.”

“Song of Deborah” is a pilot project adding technology to the ballet, creating a gallery of art on the stage. She added they are planning an outdoor 3-d map artistic experience at the historic Warner House (MHCAC) as part of the completion of the construction of the nearby bridge and celebrate this neighborhood dedicated to the arts.

“It’s what Pedro Pablo Pena wanted and what Eriberto is carrying forward as part of the legacy of this storied ballet company and beautiful property,” said Vickery.

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