Recharger by Thiken

People often say the key to confidence and success in life is to simply “not give a f@#&.” but that came out wrong with Recharger. Here at Thiken one of our developers actually gave a f@#& when he realized typing in numbers was a pain for prepaid credit.
The kid digested the idea, took a few notes, used a scanner plugin, built a prototype.

Time went by, the kid forgot until he got some proper time to wank. Shared with the fellow buggers at Thiken, made tweaks and bam! made it to the Top Trending Apps in Google Play. Yeah dreams do come true.

Okay there were “issues”, scanning plugins aka the thing that never gives the expected output and refining of the text. Here at Thiken we were working on many different projects but that very moment everyone gave a f@#& and made it flawless.

Oh yes! we were pretty mad at some people who actually gave a “below average F@#&”. You might already know through the Release Notes, here are few,

1.0.5 - App was crashing on some devices. We fixed those bugs. Ishara is a goner
1.0.4 - Much awaited fix for Hutch. Ishara came back to us with a fix and begged us for the job back. So we rehired him. But it’s not perfect yet. So if something goes wrong, blame Ishara.
1.0.3 - Ishara was too stupid not to notice the UX flaw of indicator turning red after detection. Don’t worry, we fired him. Now the indicator turns green as it detects the PIN number.

So in conclusion, we all have a limited number of f@#& s; Pay attention to where , who and what you give them to. Like a fine wine, our f@#&s must age into a fine vintage, only uncorked and given on the most special occasions, Hence Recharger.