Time to get serious and commit to change

Ready for a more content you? Here comes #MyWeeklyWonders. It is time to commit to doing what we all know we should.

We know what to eat

We know not to drink too much

We know we need to exercise more

We know we need to drink more water

We know we should walk more

We know we need to go to the gym or stop paying for it

We know we need to get that bike serviced or we will never use it

We know a whole lot and a whole lot more than this, but unfortunately our busy lifestyles are making it way too easy for us to ignore what we know.

We need to commit to ourselves and we need to make a promise to change. To do this we need accountability, so let’s help empower each other.

Welcome to #MyWeeklyWonders where we pledge to commit to change. We will decide on 1 change per week — e.g. walk to work a couple days this week, drink more water every day of the week, participate in a new gym class this week or get the whole family out on a bike ride.

Make them active and make them for yourself.

It could even be to set aside more time for you this week to do what you love. Read a book at the beach, catch up over coffee with friends or just commit to not doing the gardening this week and to not feeling guilty about it.

It’s simple: every Sunday we commit to changes that we want to do the coming week, starting with one pledge. I will post my pledge for the week and would love to hear about yours in the comments section. We can talk about how we are getting on during the week using the #MyWeeklyWonders hashtag.

We need more badass women that support each other. Every badass woman has a badass woman right behind her. Let’s pledge to commit to change.

Enough talking, time to start making those changes.

#FitHITTChallenge #MyWeeklyWonders

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