Keratin Treatments: The Benefits And What To Look Out For

Keratin treatments are the hottest trend in the beauty world right now. But is the treatment right for you?

Firstly, if you’ve got naturally straight, fine hair then you can stop reading now. A keratin treatment straightens frizzy, coarse or curly hair, leaving it super sleek and shiny.

Keratin Treatment Benefits

But is it too good to be true, you may ask? Here’s everything you need to know:

The Benefits Of Keratin Treatments

It works: you get sleek, shiny and manageable hair that lasts for weeks.

No longer do you have to spend hours and hours unsuccessfully taming your frizzy and curly tresses, allowing you to get on with the things you want to do — looking great!

Taming Frizzy Hair

There Are Lots Of Treatments Available

Do you want poker-straight hair or just enough to soften the curls?

Have you the money and time to commit to regular salon treatments or is a home based product more suitable?

The good news is the right treatment is out there for you. Ask your stylist which one is right for you and you’ll have sleek, shiny, manageable hair in no time.

Ever fancied a short bob or pixie cut but have been dissuaded?

It’s probably not because of your face shape but rather because of the frizz. In fact it’s becoming more and more common for stylists to do a smoothing treatment before a drastic cut. Make sure you go to a salon where they charge their straightening treatments by lengths.

Wet Weather And Humidity Are No Longer The Recipes For A Hair Disaster

Forget the days where you needed to cart around heavy flat iron straighteners and serums to keep your hair under control. You can go out in all weather and your hair will stay the same.

Keratin Treatments Are Good For Your Hair

They strengthen the hair shaft and make your hair more resilient. Plus, you won’t need to spend hours blasting your hair with damaging heat treatments such as blow dries and flat iron straighteners on a daily basis.

Things To Bear In Mind With Keratin Treatments

It can be confusing to find the right treatment.

There are lots of different types of keratin treatments, such as the Brazilian blow dry, argan oil treatments and Japanese keratin, so do your research. Follow our reviews here and speak to your stylist before you decide which is best for your hair, needs and lifestyle.

Check Treatments Are Formaldehyde-Free

Formaldehydes were commonly used in treatments and, in high concentrations, these can prove dangerous.

It has been associated with problems ranging from minor irritations, asthma-like symptoms to problems with the nervous system. Some studies even point to a possible link to the development of leukaemia. Thankfully, standards have improved and most treatments are now low in formaldehydes, or don’t contain any at all.

However, be aware that some products that claim to be formaldehyde-free actually contain chemicals which bind together to form formaldehydes during the treatment. Check labels for formalin, formic aldehyde, methanol, methylene glycol, methylene oxide, oxomethane and oxymethylene. Again, make sure you do your research before committing to a treatment or product.

Treatments Can Be Time-Consuming

Depending on the length of your hair it can take hours to have the treatment performed in a salon and needs to be reapplied every couple of months. Of course, you need to offset this against how long you spend trying to tame your hair every day …

You’ll Need To Switch Shampoo

A shampoo containing sulphates will undo the procedure. After a treatment you don’t necessarily need to use the same brand, but whatever you do use, make sure it doesn’t contain sulphates. Check out our best Brazilian keratin shampoos and conditioners (Sulfate-free).

Budget For The Cost

Regular keratin treatments and the aftercare involved isn’t cheap. It all comes down to how much having straight, shiny and manageable hair means to you.

Frequently people have treatments done for a special occasions, such as a wedding or honeymoon, but are then so impressed with the results they become regular customers.

Finally, even if you do end up picking a home-based product, always consult your stylist before you embark on any new hair procedure.