Interested Challenge

What did I learn from book?T

he book basically give an insight on how to make friends or being friendly with others. Here are main points:

1. While meeting someone talk less about yourselves and focus on them.
2. Be ready to listen other people rather than just focusing on yourself. It will not only help us making sincere friends but at times we can also learn lesson from their lives.
3. Show people that you are really concerned about their life.
4. Express them that their problems really mean something to us and we are there to help them.
5. Reduce talking about yourselves and focusing on others will win you friends.

What did I learn by applying these things in real life?

Most people when meet each other they have a habit of keeping spotlight on themselves rather than being interested in others or if it’s not the case then there are some introverts which mostly avoids socializing. I too have always been an introvert person. It was suitable for me in University where I used to spend time in setting up experiments and completing my write-up without much interaction with others. No doubt I had one or two friends with whom I mostly talked but it was not so fine. But now at Amal it was not going to work.

Here at Amal everything is different. We learn that the real thing is to interact with people and express them that their lives really means something to us. For making this understand better Amal gave us an interested challenge where we have to interact with people, talk about them and showing genuine interest in their matters. At first it was difficult for me I felt too much nervous but then I made myself understand that it’s the only chance to bring change, go for it. So for completing this interested challenge I reached out my family members, friends and some of my acquaintances without telling them anything about challenge. Well for family members it wasn’t a new thing as I always keep on asking about their lives, the problems they are facing and I usually try to solve their problems the extent to which I can. But it was great to know about them once again.

Among friends there were some with whom I contacted after a long time. The reason was that I felt that it’s always a two-way process and always waited for them to contact me but then by reading Dale Carnegie book I learnt that to make friends it’s necessary to be interested in them rather than waiting for them to show interest in us. Acting upon this lesson I contacted my friends and really it was great experience. To let them know that I care about them and haven’t forgot them. We talked so long, discussing about ongoing things, listening to their problems and really it was too good. Through this interested challenge I learn that we should show love to people and show genuine concern about their problems It will not only be helpful to make us win new friends. It’s really making a difference in my personality and I think it’s great.