Trending Printer in Market — HP Officejet Pro 8710:

People in recent days find a possible way to print documents using advanced technology. This helps people to look ahead in the market. Users expectation have reached beyond heights and they wish to move with different types and range of devices.

Among the printers in the market, 123 HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer is a trending model. This printer can perform all functions together in one device. Hence it is so called e-All-in-One Printer. The importance of the printer and its features can be understood through reading the manual.

Printing Documents with HP Setup 8710:

One of the important feature of HP OJ Pro printer is Print option. This feature of the device helps you to print your documents. Now you can Print any kind of documents on your printer like documents and images.

If suppose you need to print a JPEG image on your device and you have your image on your smart device. You can even connect your printer setup and start to print directly from your mobile device. The important aspect of this printer setup is that you can print your documents and images without direct acceess of your printer. This service of accessing printer is the ePrint Service.

ePrint Service:

The ePrint Service is a technique that is used to print document through mail service. You can print directly from any of your device, just by dropping a mail to your printer’s mail address.

In order to know your printer’s mail address, you need to do the following,

· Click Home Screen à Utilities tab.

On the Utilities tab you will find a passage in which the printer’s mail address will be given. Make use of the mail address to share the document or image and get it printed. The service can help you to print documents from anywhere, no matter what the distance is, if you have an active network connection along with a device carrying your document in it. You can directly drop an email with your printer’s email address.

Use Wi-Fi to share and Print:

There is another possible way to connect your printer and to print the document. You can now use the Wi-Fi connection that helps you to connect your printer and directly print documents. The simplest way to connect through Wi-Fi is the active internet connection. Using the connection you can proceed with printing of documents and even access your printer.