$MAX Value Proposition

ear Sheikhs and Shaykhahs, this Medium takes a more serious tone, as we discuss the value proposition of $MAX, which has turned into a much more substantial project than originally anticipated. All holders are encouraged to read this.


MAXSWAP was something we were surprised does not already exist, as the utility is immense. It is a DEX catered for buying launches EARLY, for maximum returns. A dApp that shows:

  • Max buys
  • Max wallets
  • Renounced status
  • Liquidity lock status
  • Suggested gas
  • ‘Comments’
  • Unlimited slippage

is invaluable for anyone who buys launches regularly.

In a niche of crypto where seconds matter, and everyone is looking for an edge, MAXSWAP will sell itself.

The team has employed Rock’N’Block (https://rocknblock.io/), a company that specialises in blockchain development, partnered with Binance, Polygon and Ethereum, to build MAXSWAP. This has also been fast-tracked to ensure smooth and timely completion. Expected completion is approx. 1 WEEK (subject to wider market), and we will stealth it with no notice to prevent price manipulation.

There is a requirement for all users wanting to use the Swap, to hold $MAX on the corresponding wallet; the utility creates endless buy-pressure, resulting in the price of $MAX constantly rising, as more people adopt the use of MAXSWAP.

There is also no DEX except Uniswap (slow), apart from MAXSWAP, that allows input of a desired token number to buy (only how much eth you want to spend).

Note, we intend to keep the platform accessible to all, to continuously increase our user base (and thus the buy pressure on $MAX). Therefore, we will be adjusting the number of tokens needed at certain target market caps (e.g. 2M, 5M, 10M etc.).


Since launch, taxes were aggressively reduced from 6% to 3%, this will eventually be reduced to 0%. However, this is a relatively small % compared to other coins. These taxes were also aggressively spent without hesitation on marketing, giveaways and other expenses (chat mods, dext updates, raiders etc. — we will provide a full breakdown soon, for transparency). Thus, the team has paid out-of-pocket for utility development.

How does this benefit $MAX holders?

Well, every wallet, of anyone who wants to use the dApp, must contain a fixed number of tokens. $MAX is the key to utilising the greatest Swap to grace ERC-20. Note, it is not ‘pay-to-use’, holders of $MAX can sell their tokens at any time to recoup their costs (or more likely, a profit). However, we do not see why anyone would forfeit their access, as the benefits of the swap are far too great.

We find $MAX is significantly undervalued when compared to other utility coins, and we will release a table detailing this shortly. No other coins have yet achieved a utility that is actually relevant to the community, and any coin which has come close, has performed very well for holders. Our utility(s) are a filling a huge gap in the niche, and the returns for holders will be proportionally huge.

Let’s do some CONSERVATIVE calculations:

Remember, this is not just some random utility nobody will use. MAXSWAP will perpetually be adopted.


At the moment, MAX BIDDING is the most prominent meme on Crypto Twitter. Which is excellent — memes are easily the most marketable asset in this space.

However, we understand that ‘MAX BIDDING’ may not be around for years, and so it is completely feasible that we can rebrand in the future to maintain relevancy.


The team understands the fast paced nature of the market, and we’re committed to ensuring our loyal community is rewarded. We have a strategic timeline of announcements, partnerships and STEALTH catalysts (look out for a Medium around the time of MAXSWAP release, for a new major development equally as significant) to ensure that the chart remains in a healthy uptrend, and loyal holders receive maximum gains. We fully intend to reward each and every one of you and we appreciate your support.

We hope reading this has given you more perspective, on one of many things going on behind the scenes, and why $MAX is a long-term hold. If you are reading this, know you are truly early, and you recognise the opportunity this presents. We continue to welcome community input, and any changes will be a community decision.

Yours Faithfully,

Sheikh Abdullah El-Biddo.



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