The challenge as per I perceived after reading a chapter “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND WIN PEOPLE” from Dale Carnegie’s book is how we can gain the interest of other people.The most interesting thing I learn from this chapter is:

“The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it”.

It is obvious that how you treat or behave with others, they will respond you the same. Everyone wants to talk about themselves rather then listening to others. Everyone needs attention ,love and time. So if we ask about themselves, about their lives, then we can obviously gain their interest. In this chapter the writer told the story of a musician that how he grab the attentions of others and gain their interest because he always gave value to his audience . And I think if we take interest in people they will definitely take interest in us

The lesson which i learn from it is if u love someone or care for him. You should be sincere about it and have no expectation from him/her the lesson in which the writer show that dog is animal and have love and care about him and in response he also give us love and care and much more without any expectation. If we have love or interested in someone then we should care about him without any expectation not thinking that what he doing with me or showing attitude about me. You just start caring and love for him/her if u give him respect, time and love obviously he/she will be love and care for you. The writer mention a very interesting story that dog is not able to read philosophy books or gain knowledge and personality education from any other academy he just believe on what you done with him. We give him time, love and care then he responds with him like a good friend and much more care and love for him

after reading this chapter i tried to implement in practical life . i meet with my friends, cousins and aunties and asked about his life what are u doing now a days and what u have plane in future. i observed that they are looking very happy when i asked him about their life. I talked to my Anti and ask her so many questions she started talking about her household activities and i feel that she is taking so much interest in talking about herself.Actually she is very interested in cooking so she said that she had tried many new recipes last weekend.And then I talked to my friends and asked about their education, what are they doing and what are their further plans.From this activity I have learnt that asking questions from others about themselves make them realized that I actually care about them.They feel very happy .By being interested in them you can win their hearts.I think sometimes people just need your attention and they want a person with whom they can talk .And for me it is a great experience

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