What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Online marketing is one of the fastest growing spaces in modern marketing. Forget the old marketing or advertisement strategies. You no longer have to put up a king-size billboard or pay for an advert on radio and TV stations. These methods are obsolete and uneconomical for small businesses.

The growing popularity of the internet and social media platforms has taken over what we call the modern-age marketing. All businesses, small, medium-sized or large corporations have to embrace these advances to remain on top of the high competition in this market.

As a small business, you ought to have a pretty appealing online image to pull more customers to your site and not mine. You need a well-thought digital marketing strategy to penetrate this market. This is where a digital marketing agency comes in. You need to hire the right team who are going to transform your business and ensure your ROI (return on investment).

Remember, it’s not just your money but your reputation that’s at stake here if you hire the wrong team. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid making the wrong choice of a Digital Marketing Agency.


Over time, the phrase “experience maketh man” has been proven right. Just like you’re required to be experienced for a certain job before being hired, so is the case here. You need to know how much experience the agency you’re hiring has.

Remember that the more experienced the agency is, the more returns you are likely to accrue on the long-run. Their portfolio should support your needs as a small business. Look them up on Google and see what services they offer and what previous clients are saying about them. How diverse are their clients? How are they doing in terms of business growth after working with that agency?

You need to ask whatever questions you have that will help you understand the agency and how much they can help you achieve your goals. Let them provide you with the evidence supporting their claims so that you know if they’re just running off the book theories just to seal the deal with you.

They will persuade you with all kinds of information; an amazing ROI, SEO rankings and what have you just to get hired. You need to be extra careful, run background checks to see their SEO rankings if they claim they can actually create you a competitive website. Khalid Ibrahim tells us more about the significance of experience in his slideshare.

Response time

Just how fast do they get back at you? Do they take days to respond to your emails, contact us form or calls? This is a very important factor to consider before considering them for the project.

You need to fill their contact us form, then see their response time. If they’re slow, then expect the same after hiring them for the project. Go through their website and see how they respond to customer questions.

Check how many contact numbers they have then call one. This is important when you really need some urgent business with them.


Every business runs on a budget. Of course profit is one of the most important determiners of an organization’s success, so whenever I talk about the cost you understand what I mean. It is always said that you should spend within your means.

However, this does not mean you buy a spoilt good in a bid to avoid those extra dollars for a perfectly conditioned one. Ensure their prices match the service quality they’re offering. Do they charge on per hour basis or have fixed charges for certain services? You need to ask about this information and compare it with that from other agencies.

Similarly, you have to consider other pricing factors such as time spent on task and the number of specialists working on your project. This will help you estimate the costs and make the right decision.


It is crucial that you visit their website and see where their offices are located. Once you know where, you can visit them and just see for yourself how they are. Just spend those two hours and hopefully, they will save a lot more deal of time in the near future.

See how organized they are, their staff, technology and most importantly, their determination when carrying out projects. Visiting their offices will enable you to see their previous works first hand where you can evaluate their creativity and experience as well.

If your business is local, there’s also the local advantage that comes with hiring a local agency. They know the local market better and can easily help you penetrate it. This is unlike hiring an international agency that does not know your local market, their spending behaviors and so on.

Market penetration

How much have the agency penetrated the market? Google the agency and see how many SEO rankings they have for previous works. See how many links result from your search; all which are not on the main site. These are mainly referrals, blogs and reviews.

Customer reviews are one of the best ways that you, as the client, know how the agency conducts its business. Ask for customer reviews from the agency to avoid corruption from negative ones which are posted over the internet. Good agencies post their customer reviews on their landing pages to attract more customers.

You might need to also ask for references from the agency about earlier customers. Call them and hear how they’re faring after working with that agency.


Honesty is one important factor that most business persons lack. They will just beat around the bush without clearly informing their clients. Me personally, I’m a victim of this dishonesty businessmen and women. I hope you are really good at identifying liars because this is a skill you need to develop in this line of work.

You need to entrust your project and money at people who are trustworthy and transparent about everything they do. You deserve to know where your money goes. Similarly, the agency ought to explain to you what methodologies and strategies they’ll use to land you to your goals.

You need constant communication with your suitable agency. They should have a reputation of delivering consistent results for client evaluation and go-ahead.

Having put across these important pointers, I now believe you are equipped with all you need to hire a good agency to move you forward. Take keen notice on their skill set, experience with different customers, reputation and service delivery.

Ensure to go through their evidence on previous works, SEO rankings, blogs and such pieces of works. Remember that the agency hired is now your partner. This means they can bring you down or promote your business. Take time to cross check their objectives, websites and every minute detail you can about them before hiring.