Remote worker sitting at a computer
Remote worker sitting at a computer

If you are fortunate enough to still be working during this pandemic, then there’s a good chance that you are working from home.

The current pandemic has catapulted the remote work movement to the front of the stage in ways no one could ever have anticipated. Millions of people have been suddenly asked to work remotely, most with little or no preparation, guidance, or training.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve spoken to dozens of people who are now working remotely as a result of the pandemic. …

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Renting a car in Mexico gave me the freedom to explore

I recently rented a car in Mexico for six days at a total cost of $2.09.

Yes, you read that correctly. $2.09 USD total cost for a six-day car rental.

This wasn’t some one-time deal or a mistake. This is something you can do anytime at any airport in Mexico, and I will show you how.

But first, some background on how I stumbled upon this unbelievable deal.

I have been traveling to Mexico frequently in the last couple of years. I fell in love with Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya and decided I might possibly buy a…

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Forces of Nature: Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul in the Forest

“If we could package the outdoors and call it a pharmaceutical, it would be sold widely.” — Tyler Norris, Vice-President of Total Health Partnerships, Kaiser Permanente

I lay in bed browsing through my Facebook feed, when suddenly an article popped up with the words “Forest Bathing” in the title.

I felt my heart skip a beat. Instinctively, I knew what I was about to read.

I eagerly clicked the link. And there it was!

A story about a feeling that I’ve understood since I was a child — the peaceful, joyful sense of well-being that comes from surrounding yourself with…

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Almost one year ago, I made a major decision to leave my well-paid government job for a remote work life. And while it was a scary decision, it was, unequivocally, the best life decision I’ve made in a long time. The benefits have far outweighed any drawbacks and I only wish I’d made that decision sooner.

I love the flexibility that my remote work situation affords me; for me, it is the number one benefit of working remotely and it trumps any drawbacks.

I regularly have online meetings at 6 or 7 AM with people half-way across the world, but…

Sheila Proteau

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