You’re correct about our dependence on oil to produce fertilizer, plastics, and solar panels, but…
Jake Hamby

Dream on my friend, solar cells are intermittent & they tap weak, dispersed solar energy, they produce NONE of the essential raw materials we must have to survive now. Batteries are also a limited technology, no matter how well they can store electricity, the day will soon come when they will have to be replaced, then what? Without OIL to power the machines used to mine their raw materials, manufacture them into their components & transport the finished product, you won’t be able to repair or replace your “renewable” systems.

Hydrogen uses more energy in their production than can be gotten from it, it’s also a dead end & we would still need a high energy, high tech civilization to keep producing hydrogen & those “renewables”, their batteries, inverters, switches, cables, voltage regulators etc that are NOT renewable. 
There simply isn’t enough raw materials or FF left to manufacture enough “renewables” to merely TEMPORARILY replace more than a fraction of what electricity we generate now & even WORSE, they must have FF backup generators for when the sun don’t shine & the wind don’t blow & to smooth out those spikes & dips in voltage. That’s why the cost of electricity is so much higher in Germany & Holland.
Another thing being overlooks is that “renewables” only produce some erratic, unreliable weak, electricity & we cannot eat electricity, OIL grows our food, NATURAL GAS fertilizes it, OIL harvests it, transports it, preserves it, without OIL, most of us won’t be EATING!

I’d like to bet that you will like EATING more than keeping the lights on.

In spite of what your being told, they are not “efficient” either, it takes more energy to manufacture them than the amount of energy they return in their lifetime. They are also VERY POLLUTING to manufacture, just look at the “air” in China now! It’s BROWN & so thick, you can’t see beyond a few meters. 
Our rulers have reasons to keep lying to us about “renewables” saving our asses because as their failure to live up to their hype becomes clearer, people will be angry at being lied to AGAIN! Then TSHTF & this house of cards will come crashing down.
We are headed for collapse, there is no way to avoid that, we are simply too overpopulated & too dependent upon a temporary resource that’s fading away. 
Welcome back to the dark ages!

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