World’s Most Depressed Countries

Depression is a serious medical illness and a major public health issue, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is a global problem and is not endemic to any particular demography. Nations, rich or poor, big or small, powerful or weak, have to bear the burden of this mental health condition in their people.

Often, depression is seen related to poverty, civil crisis, continuous warlike situations and lack of development. However, in reality, the nations that have been found to be the most depressed ones are mostly rich and developed. Ironically, the United States tops the list of 10 most depressed countries in the world.

Here, we take a look at 10 countries with most depressed people:

1. Italy: It is surprising that this captivating European country with beautiful people is fighting the prevalence of depression among the masses. Almost 3.8 percent of its population suffers from depression. Apart from personal and predisposed reasons, the recent turmoil and socio-political imbroglio in the country may have contributed towards this figure.

2. Mexico: With 4.8 percent population suffering from depression, the issue is worth taking a note. More women than men suffer from depression in Mexico. Education and marital status of women have a direct bearing on their depression. Women who are more educated and have steady marital relationships stay immune to the disease.

3. Spain: This European country has a lot of attractions for tourists, but 4.9 percent of its population is suffering from depression. One of the prime reasons could be the economic slump the country has been experiencing for the last few years. A majority of the sufferers are adolescents who consume a lot of antidepressants.

4. Belgium: Depression is a major public health issue in Belgium with 6.2 percent suffering from the condition. People in this Western European country often harbor suicidal thoughts. There is also a growing concern regarding people taking their lives due to depression.

5. Lebanon: Lebanon is a stressful country with internal security issues and economic turmoil. Rampant use of antidepressants is common in this Western Asian country where 6.6 percent population is suffering from depression. Therapies and counseling could be a great way to address the problem.

6. Colombia: In this South American country, 6.8 percent population suffers from depression, but the scope of receiving treatment here is limited. The perennial political hardships and economic downturns could be the reasons propelling widespread depression among people.

7. The Netherlands: Another amazing country with an array of travel-worthy vistas all around, the Netherlands has a big chunk of its population suffering from depression — 6.9 percent. Some believe that this Northwestern European country is best for raising children, but others believe that the Dutch culture is morose and triggers depression-laden thoughts.

8. France: Recently, this Western European country has been the target of a series of terror attacks. The political unrest and public insecurity among the masses have somewhat dented the collective psyche of the people. Almost 8.5 percent population is suffering from clinical depression in France, where people consume more antidepressants than any other country.

9. Ukraine: Ukraine seems to suffer from mass depression with 9.1 percent population affected by depression. The post-communist state and the stress from the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl incident are considered to fuel depression among the people of this Eastern European country.

10. United States: Depression is a leading health concern in the U.S. with almost 9.6 percent population suffering from clinical depression. The nation is bogged down by issues like unemployment, debt, drug abuse, recession and an ongoing fight against global terrorism. But America is a fighter nation which likes to take the bull by the horns, hence it is relentlessly fighting the epidemic of depression as well.

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