cancerous form of economic growth that is required to chew through and destroy smaller companies, niche markets, communities of people, and the environment — if doing so will result in a larger profit than not doing so.
The Most Powerful Algorithm in the World
Joe Brewer

To add to the cancerous corporate practices, the inner growing velocity of lies and deceptions fed to employees from top down is nothing but pure abomination. The Corporate America can do anything and everything from not paying their taxes to demolishing employment laws by hiring everyone “at will.” So they get to fire at will by the 10,000s.

Their high paid executives call themselves “change makers” or “influencers” or “leaders.” When in reality, they are nothing but high paid “fat trimmers,” I’d like to call.

To avoid panic, to fool, and smoothen the psych of their employees (basically insulting their intelligence), they falsify the definitions of commonly used terms and practices to meet their greedy objectives. Example, many execs ask that every new idea for a product must show “productivity metrics.” There’s a common understanding amongst the working professionals (an algorithm of sorts) what that should mean. You may assume things like growing revenue, saving time, energy & resources, vendor costs, etc. BUT NO! Those go into another category that they are less interested in. They are specifically asking for how many “jobs” will be cut as an outcome of the new program. While they encourage their employees to be innovative and disruptive, they are literally asking them to be “job killers” so they can keep their high paying exec jobs and other fat cats happy. Which brings me to my self-made algorithm:

Corporate leaders= Machiavellian liars + employment scammers