Belated Requiem
Nikki Stern

We are the reflections of love’s union, our parents. We see it in their eyes while we live and in our own, as you suggest, in the mirror. I am with out my fire and ice parents, who matched and endured and balanced their universe, of which I was a circling planet. I found the best in each of them and emulated what I could of that. I was pierced with some of their failings and did my best to twist them into something positive. Not easy, nor was it was for them. In the end, I miss them, but I miss seeing their eyes. I know they would have been filled with pride, in those eyes, with the grandchildren who appeared and placed a mark on my own heart. I feel them sometimes, their eyes on me, on us, on the life I continue to live. I embrace their love because without it, I would not have been able to recognize my own. Thanks for reminding me of my parents today. You write with depth, and I read always your work, sensing tremendous insight.

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