When I’m Alone I am Completely Alone

Yes, that makes sense, but holy mother of God I feel alone. I text people and send them a snap chat but I get no reply and then I feel lonely.

Like a lonely sock and when I feel like a lonely sock, I feel bad for the sock without a partner and I use a lot of time to think about that sock. And yes I did remember to take med medication today.

The loneliness crawls upon me like a creature thirsty for blood and as soon as it drinks from me it gives me a disease called Loneliness. The aftermath of this disease is horrible. Dark thoughts roam in my head and take up all space that I’m using to think with. By now all of my ‘normal thoughts’ (which actually are voices but I prefer calling them thoughts) are replaced with voices telling me that everything I do is wrong, that is nothing but a plague to those I contact, that I’m worth nothing, everybody would feel much better without me, that I should run away and so on. I would like to share these thoughts with someone, but who can I share it with when I’m lonely. The only one I can share it with is me, myself and Sheila. Which in the end is quite sad and lonely, to only share your thoughts with the voices in your head.

Such a horrible drawing of a horrible feeling. I have so many things I want to say, but no way to explain it.

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