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Check out the article, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: A Quick-Start Checklist from the AutoCrit Blog for this quick and simple start to self-editing.

1. Clean things up:

  • Clear out the clutter.
  • Weed out “to be” verbs and other passive constructs.
  • Eliminate clichés

2. Check Narrative Flow

  • Show, don’t tell.
  • Find and eliminate redundancies.
  • Vary sentence lengths.
  • Pace yourself.

3. Dialogue

  • Get rid of excess dialogue tags.
  • Stick to “said” and “asked.”
  • Keep adverbs out of dialogue tags.

4. Plot

Evaluate your character development, conflict, action, and theme.

I’ve listed the main points on the checklist, but to get the details, you’ll need to read the article. If you’re ready to begin self-editing, need help or a little direction you can test AutoCrit for free

We have all had our heartstrings tugged with the images of children this week, and as a mother I cannot imagine losing my child, even for a day. Emotions have gotten so out of hand, it’s becoming dangerous.

Immigration, particularly illegal immigration is a serious issue in which we should…

Annabel Smith

I’ve tasted the victory of typing the last line on my first full-length novel. The exhilaration of writing “The end” lasted for about a day because now, therealwork begins.But, where do I begin?

To find out what my next steps involved, I started where I always do — with research…


Fan Favorite Award[/caption]

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I participated in the ChapterBuzz 10K Social Writing Challenge to work on my novel, Hello Hell.

It’s been an honor to meet so many talented writers and read so many extraordinary books. Thanks to Timothy Pike for the lovely feature article on my participation. Read it here, As a writer, how do you overcome paralyzing self-doubt? This author knows how.

Then, get your pencils sharpened, your paper ready, and hop on over to sign up for the upcoming 10K Social Writing Challenge beginning March 1st!


Sheila McIntyre Good — Nurse turned Writer. Booklover, author, loyal friend, wife and mother.

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