But what is at the center of God?

I am going to take sort of a different approach as I try to answer the question that I just asked…

Instead of thinking about God, I am going to focus my energy on the actual word… God…

At the center of the word is the letter O.

As we can see, the letter O is a circle, a fabulous, wonderful, perfectly round, circle…

How appropriate it is that at the center of God is something that is sooo like God, perfect…

Wow! How interesting!



( sing along with me…)

Focus on the focus
Focus on the focus
Like a photographer would see

Focus on the focus
Focus on the focus
Cause we don’t want life to be

Blurrr eee

Thank You, Lord, for your help in knowing what, when, and how to do.



Good morning, morning
Thank you for the start of day.

Will you bring something new
Or more of the same my way?

When I look outside
What do I see?

A beautiful sunrise
Beckoning to me.

Please take my pictures
Many just for you.

Yes, yes, that is
The thing to do.