President Trump’s speech lasted for 35-minutes. This Jamboree lasted for 10 days (15 for the staff). I refuse to let 35 selfish minutes, begging us to return to a dark yesterday, overshadow 10 of the most glorious and inclusive days of my life. This Jamboree belongs to the 27,500 participants, 5,000 staff members, and 15,000 guests who entered our Scout Reserve with a sincere desire to live the values of Scouting. I know this is true because, as the President spoke a group of Scouts stood behind me silently, respectfully, holding a sign with the first point of the Scout Law written in bold letters: “A Scout is Trustworthy.”
Donald Trump, the Scout Law, and me.
Samuel J. Aronson

What an excellent article! It really helped put into perspective, Trump’s lack of influence on Scouts worldwide. I suspected that the cheers for Trump that came from the crowd were due to an audience of very young people that have been taught to be courteous and respectful — even to one so undeserving.

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