I want to share with you workflow with the most important DeFi protocols and how to interact with them.


Let me first explain where does this come from. My name is Juan, I’m a developer from Argentina living in New Zealand. I run a Youtube channel called CryptoSheinix where I explain different aspects of crypto, DeFi and Blockchain technology in general. I usually do Spanish content, but every now and then I post english content as well.

Crypto Sheinix DeFi Starter Kit

I have created a workflow that explains some of the most popular interactions that you can do in DeFi. I hope this can be helpful for all sorts of DeFi users, whereas you are and experienced degen or a newbie to the space, hopefully this workflow will give you an overall idea of the things you can do in DeFi and how everything is put together. …

Quiero compartirte un diagrama de flujo en donde podes ver los protocolos DeFi mas populares y las diferentes formas de interacción que existen


Mi nombre es Juan, soy un programador de Argentina viviendo en Nueva Zelanda. Tengo un canal de Youtube llamado CryptoSheinix en donde repasamos diferentes aspectos de crypto, protocolos de DeFi y la tecnología Blockchain en general.

Crypto Sheinix DeFi Starter Kit

He creado un diagrama de flujo que explica como se puede interactuar con algunos de los protocolos de DeFi mas populares. Espero que sea de ayuda tanto para las personas que recien empiezan en crypto, como para tambien los que ya dieron sus primeros pasos. …

In this blogpost, we will explore what Cardano is and it’s main features.

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You can find my original post for the BitPrime blog here.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a general purpose Blockchain, much like Ethereum, where you can run nodes, develop Smart Contracts and DApps, and it’s powered by a consensus algorithm. It has its own crypto native currency called ADA, which can be used to validate transactions as we will see later on.

Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum, and it is said to be a “third generation” blockchain that is designed from the ground up to solve all the problems previous generations had. …



Software Developer 👨‍💻 from #ARG 🇦🇷 living in #NZ 🇳🇿. Crazy about #Blockchain and #Bitcoin. #iOSDev & #Youtuber (Spanish): bit.ly/2O2xI7Y

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