This is where I start..

There are 26 days left in 2016. I started keeping track on September 3, which marked 120 days left. I figured, keeping track of how many days I have left to do something worthwhile…may be the push I need to do something worthwhile. I didn’t make any resolutions, per se, but I knew I had goals and dreams that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Without going into my full life story here, which I tend to do, I’ve tried almost every platform to write a blog.,, blogspot, wix and now currently squarespace. I know in the future I will transition to but that’s only when I know that I know that I know I’m serious about it. But it’s never been about the platform. It’s about the discipline. I have none. Well, had none. But these last 120 days were supposed to be a game changer. The timing would never be perfect. I realized that I would never be “not tired” enough to write. I worked in a pharmacy full time. My workload doubled in the last 6 months when I became manager and the stress more than tripled. But still I wanted to write. Everything. I wanted to write for money. I wanted to write for my blog. I wanted to write my book — and I had an outline. I have a good concept. But I lack the energy and the will power to push past the lack of energy. In short, I didn’t want it enough. But for some reason, I do now.

It seems foolish that in the last 60 days of the year, I acquired a new pharmacy job, which is set to take more hours out of my week, because I will continue to work both. And I want to start freelance writing. I signed up fora couple of courses but haven’t yet broke into the market. I figured the busier I am, the more motivation I have to use my time wiser and get things done. For real.

So here I am on this new platform, Medium, documenting my journey. I’m going to write my book(s) in 2017. I’m going to dive into the freelance writing world and expand it. I’m going to learn everything I can and implement what works for me (avid learner, here #foreverstudent). And whoever stumbles upon this and for whatever reason wants to follow along with me, leave a comment. Words of encouragement, advice, tips, critiques, what have you. I’m tired of going at it alone. Until next week, bye!