How to make people open, read and reply to your Emails

Have you ever checked your sent box to check how many of the emails you write go unanswered?

Let’s cut right to the chase, below is a part by part focus on how you start and end an effective sales Email and make sure you get the meeting/demo/close/objective you are gunning for with your email:

Subject Line: This part is to make your prospect curious, the only importance an Email subject holds is to make someone open your Email. If your subject does not make anyone curious enough to click on it and go through what’s inside, then don’t bother writing the Email. The manager you are writing to with the hope to get a meeting will mark it as read to avoid looking at it again or even delete it.

How to make people curious? Well that’s the easy part. Below are the last 5 subject lines of emails I wrote:

  • Can we meet?
  • Appropriate person?
  • Do you think this makes sense?
  • Have you thought of XYZ?
  • Shashank recommended I get in touch
  • Writing with Akhilesh’s reference.

Introduction: You are done making your prospect open your Email, what is inside it will make him want to do what you want him to do. This part is introduction and it is not YOURS, it has to be HIS. Relevance of pitch is the only thing that marks the difference between an excellent sales person and a shitty one, this part of the email has to make him want to read the rest. The only way to do this is to start with prospecting for at-least 15 minutes before you start with the Email. Everything and anything you can find on who you’re writing to is important. He might just be from the same school as you and boom! You have a meeting. This is what an opening line can look like:

  • Raj has been working with me for more than an year now and he mentioned I should get in touch with you
  • I noticed we are both from The College of Higher Studies, great to connect with a fellow alumni,
  • I read your post about the Syrian situation, I must say I am moved with your perspective.

It is not always possible to find something excellent to write about and please don’t get creepy if you end up stalking them on the social network and write about their last family trip. You can even jump to an excellent opening value statement, this is the 3rd part which is the content, it can go like this:

  • Have you ever thought of what makes a restaurant successful? I think it is repeat customers.
  • I think I can help you double your sales without spending heavy money on mass marketing.
  • I think your team is spending too much time going through each resume that you receive, I can help you hire better people in lesser time.
  • In working with other eCommerce companies, we’ve notice a common challenge they come across — conversion rates!

Hold your prospect captive focus on what he/she wants to read not what you want to say.

The great Simon Sinek taught us ‘people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it’. Put this to use and write about WHY you want to meet the prospect on not WHAT you want to meet him for. The what for example can be selling him a website development project, while the why is helping him take his business online. This makes a lot of difference on how you are perceived and that is what is going to get you that meeting.

The last one in the Close: Be easy and be simple, the idea here can be closing with a question. It should act as a trigger to a response and the idea is to open communication right? Here’s what I write:

  • Raj, would it be possible for us to meet sometime in the coming couple of days?
  • I would be in Mumbai from Monday to Wednesday what day and time would be best for us to meet?
  • Can you find 20 minutes for me sometime this or next week?

Start rethinking on how you go about sales, continue improving on the ideas and always be closing.