Expectations and reality

experiencing a THICK line between the alternate universe is one of the greatest illusion in our life. Expectations grow and grow and keep on increasing unless we see it’s other side. It is the engineer of our castle of dreams made up of glass, i mean glass, seriously glass ?

Does reality needs to be always different ?

We see them(mentioned in title) as two side of coin, created on same base but they can’t be same; more or less. How we expect from a thing or person ? Actually there is no so called fundamental law for it. We expect as what we want, wish and wannabe. And the most important fact we forget is: look around ourselves. look around the data available for the expectation. yeah i know it’s hard to predict from analysis of chunk of complex data than to fake imagine like a wink or help request of girl. we better dream and want to fulfill it anyhow.

Actually we fall in love with our dreams and expectations

your ideas , dreams are like your own newly born babies. we spend times with them, it feels so good right ? what if some body says you are dreaming in wrong way ? what if some says reality is different. Then there will be two cases, and entirely depend on conditions of human involve in it. since one can either accept the reality or cursed it for not making expectation come true. So that’s how reality came into one’s life, the hard way or you can call it bad timing.

but believe me, if you think experience sometime matches reality then i can confirm you that you didn’t give priority for your expectations or dreams, it’s like your expectation’s castle project is cease due to low available time.

OK, so how we deal with it ?like what after the unexpected online purchase from amazon ?either we scream and give pressure to mouth and lungs to experience the pressure that our mind bearing all this time through or smile and be falsely optimistic. look, either way you can live your life. But from now you know the characters of them both. so add a little intelligence in your dreaming machine and feel the environment.

lots of relationships depends upon expectations

lately, I can’t be with a girl since she is a beautiful lady with a sack of expectations all day. We are not born here in earth to fulfill other expectation.

some technical stuff

likewise, i have been to a Expo and we work hard to build a robot(reality). It’s like writing thousands line of code and even a pass out will face difficulty than us. This is our reality , reality of expo, reality due to hard work or real complex environmental data. but expectations are different and that is the only thing that lure them, that make them crazy and add a urge in their heart about robot. Their dream are highly impressed by VFX movies but not by available real robot in market. and that’s where the war between expectation and reality starts.

this war never ends