Carving an Engineering Enterprise

Growing an engineering organization in a niche segment and differentiating on the basic of technology and knowledge has been a core at Devise.

This month we complete 4 years of business as a Private Limited firm. While a significant ground-work was done before the firm was established, it took a bootstrap and a small team to initiate us down the path of growth in April 2015.

Devise started working in the niche areas of automotive — emissions, electronics and validation. We started seeing immediate traction with OEMs and Tier 1s as we helped cover up the gaps or let’s say worked on the nibbles that they realized no one else was working on. We grew on tiny and small projects — in most cases — validating our capabilities and moving in an upward trajectory.

As a young firm we also saw a lot of support from other Small and Medium Enterprises. At the corporates, we engaged ‘hearts’ with leaders who had shelved their own entrepreneurial journeys and found us relatable. They showered us with words of encouragement. While largely we have risen to the challenge, we have also let the ball down a couple of times. Our failures are not hidden under the carpet, nor is the resolve to improve.

One of the gap areas we saw was ‘technical know-how’ or ‘formal training’ in niche areas. We started on it but it took a significantly longer time to establish as a formal training partner. Today, we run courses at corporates and at our facility — covering the niche areas of Automotive Electronics, Model Based Development and our most regular one detailing the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

Our own access to latest technology was limited but grew as we formally started working as a representative and development partner of a few globally relevant European and US based technology firms. This along with our key strengths — agility, flexibility and openness are the ingredients that have aided our ability to work as R&D services provider.

The journey from a 3 member team to a 40 member team has been challenging and the tiny and small projects are converting into long term development agreements.

With a strong foundation, we are ready for the next challenges.

What’s upcoming:
Embedded HW and SW — IoT and Data Driven Solutions
Platform based solutions in the automotive space — architectured by Devise
End-to-End development of EV powertrains
More Strategic Alliances and Partner Agreements — working extended-teams, trained resource pool and project basis
Balancing beyond Automotive
Stronger Global Presence

We truly appreciate your support in our journey and look forward to many more interactions with you.