Children’s Story

Today was the day,

Gran finally picked us up for our weekly walk in the park

I was so excited that I ignored Mr. Johnson’s dog that normally scares me with his angry bark

Because Gran was here! Back from the hospital and today was our day

Every time we go out, we do the same things

We go pick out a toy from the store

Then she takes us to lunch along the shore

And even though, mom says no, she always gets us ice cream

Then we make our way to the park

She switches back and forth between Jude and I as we swing

I hum to the tune she softly sings, I always love it when Gran sings

Then when she gets tired, she has us get down and walk with her before it gets dark

Jude loves the toy store,

It makes sense, because he’s so little,

But my favorite is when we walk. Gran never fails to tell a good story and they seem to get better as she gets older and more brittle

As we pad along, I give her my expectant look, “Okay, Luxy Love, hold on just a second,” she laughs in her raspy way, “Gran’s been out of it!” She gives a sigh as she heaves Jude to her other hip then begins in her thoughtful way,”

“ Listen Lux, you must understand, that as the seasons change,

And we walk and enjoy the different colors the Earth and Sky bring,

We must think about what truly is happening,

Are you confused?”

(I wasn’t, I’d done this a time or two. I simply took her hand and waited patiently,)

“Take a closer look; at first it might seem a little strange

That beautiful sunflower still stretching

As tall as buildings, even taller than I

Is more than just a sunflower, don’t step too close! You’ll block her last bit of Summer Sunlight

It seems that we can listen to the plants as they talk to each other, about all that is happening.

For example, I came across a group of three

An acorn, a sunflower, and bunch of rustling, bustling, leaves

I stepped closer, because I heard something that you would not believe

The acorn and the sunflower were chatting!”

Jude and I stared with wide eyes,

Why is it that the fun things always happened to Gran?

Any time I went out and tried to do some of the things that Gran can,

Nothing happened and people just stared

Gran chuckled at our confused looks,

And simply continued now that she had us hooked,

“No, really, it’s true!

They talk! Just like me, And just like you!”

Jude giggled, and I inquired, “So, why don’t they talk to me Gran?”

She gave me a knowing smile and said, “Because you’re young, you don’t have to do much to feel inspired

Now be quiet and let me continue my story,

Where was I…oh yes! I moved closer hoping to hear what the scruff was about

If I could hear what was causing all the trouble, maybe I could help them out

Maybe I could clear up any confusion or worry

But as I crept closer to see what this was all about

I was wowed by what caught my attention

All I could do was simply listen

Because that beautiful sunflower had it all figured out

You see it was one tiny acorn, with a very good reason,

Who seemed to be causing all the trouble. You see he hated the changing seasons.

“I don’t understand why things need to change.

I am happy right here at the base of my home tree.

Why the snow? Why the rain? Doesn’t the sky understand?

When the colors change, then it’s time for the animals to spree.

Not all of us are lucky enough to last, but I have. I’m on year three.

I’ve seen the grass turn yellow, brown, even completely disappear.

I’ve talked to the flowers that grow around me

And when they sink back into the land, I keep my home tree company

However, it seems I’ll be the only nut on the ground this year.”

The sweet sunflower that had sprung up, next to his rut

Twisted her long, graceful, stalk and continued listening to the little neurotic nut

“The young ones used to fall all around me

There would be hundreds of us for them to snatch

I could usually hide in this little rut, under the root, impossible to catch

But now, now it will be different, it is just me next to my decaying home tree”

Where will I go?

Where will they take me?

Will I be happy?

I don’t think I am ready to go.

Wisdom sparked in the eyes of the hefty flower tonight

Her stalk cracked as she bent away from the fading sun

She could afford a bit less just this once

Their eyes met and she softly eased the aged nuts fright

Excuse me, but have you ever considered the leaves?

Look at the way all of the leaves,

Detach themselves from their home trees.

Many believe they are naïve, when they so fearlessly let go.

But maybe, just maybe, there are things the leaves know.

Maybe they are wise…

They trust the wind to carry them away,

Yet they know,

The farther they go,

The higher the stakes rise.

But maybe, just maybe…

That is where Fate comes into play.

You see she knows,

That if the leaves,

Stayed attached to their home trees:

The feet of both human and beast could not

Crunch them.

The sun would not

Burn them.

Their hunger would be relieved,

And their thirst would be quenched.

These are things that are


Considering most live such a short


It is impossible to stop the sun, let alone to live in


Because they would be leaves.




Youthful leaves.

Forever attached to their home trees.



This is why Fate has come to stay.

You see,

She knows these things…

She and the leaves are both very wise.

They know that to fall is inevitable,

And refusal to accept it breeds a heart of lies.

They both know that seasons change;

Ultimately every leaf must let go.

They must learn the Wind’s:



And ever fluxing range,

So that their home trees can make themselves barren

For Winter’s pure snow.

Because, after the cold of winter comes spring

Chances for sunlight


And rain

All things needed to bring

The life of new leaves

Growth for the tree

And friends of all kinds

From the ones who fly

To the ones who sting

Dear panicked little nut

You are only a small bit of the story in which you live

You long to live through the fall, but you’ve already cheated

The tree that has made you is sick, signaling your time is inevitably up

As you are being carried away look around

Take peace in knowing that things here for the acorns are done

You got to see it all the way through; you my friend are the last one

Now it is time for you to be okay with moving on; learn to be done”

The little guy stopped rolling with fret

Instead he turned from the sunflower tears now trailing down his shelled cheeks

The sunflower sagged a bit further and murmured as he continued to weep

“They will be here tomorrow to test the ground hog

Then out will come the rabbits; the birds will return and they will sing,”

It was silent as the last of the leaves gripped the wind and began to dance away from the places they long had slept

“It’s a wonder I survived the cold and lived to see my second set of hibernation

free squirrels

However, I know my time will come

Fate remembers everyone

The ones like us must simply be happy to live and be apart of the existing beauty in a constantly changing, and often ugly, world…”


Gran stopped her tale just then

Jude had fallen into a puddle and began to cry out of fright

Gran simply winked and whispered, “We’ll finish tomorrow night”

And, like children do, I continued un-phased and unaware that the middle of this story was, in fact,

The End.