Not many will understand

The pain I have felt from you


Not many will understand

The pain

I allow myself

To feel from you

Our plans were not plans

Because from this side of the looking glass

It seems their reality was never true

I have come in a time

Where you need to be fed


“Nothing becomes crime

Until someone has bled”

That’s what you said

You are in

Yet another time of re-beginning

Your allusions and daydreams reek of it

But what of me?

As you resurface into a new being

A new chance to create a different view

I am a consistency

You both love and rue

I was so enchanted by the idea of us winning

I ignore my needs and watch for your ticks

I poured myself into pushing you further

I ignored the fact that I was sinking

Yet also rising

Then to have you laugh at my ideas

Criticize the structure of my every thought

To shrink from intimacy until the very last second

Scream at how I was the only one that needed help as we fought

And then as you continue to pull from me

The very light within my being

Encapsulating my voice with yours

And letting loose a sound that could change the world

At least both mine and yours

There is no greater wisdom to redeem

Or debt to pay than love amongst youth

Such is the life of someone

Who so foolishly once longed to be the muse

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