We’re trading Gucci for grandma, and I love it.

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For years, women have been sold the lie that they must be “sexy” to have purpose.

We carve sharp contour lines into the sides of our faces with bronzer. We stuff our poor feet into stilettos to elongate our legs. We’ve been shown model pouts our whole lives, and these starved women our guides to striking a perfect, sultry pose.

Suddenly, 2020 rolls around . . . and Millenials and Gen Z alike are exchanging Gucci for grandma.

Welcome to an entirely new world on the internet: one with lily pads, moss-covered cobblestones leading to a French-style cottage, mushrooms, embroidery…

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The phrase is an absolute pet peeve of mine:

“What’s the occasion?”

This is usually a response directed at me, dressed in basically anything but sweatpants and joggers, with perhaps a touch more makeup on than usual. If I’m at this state, I must have had a productive and full morning, and I must be feeling pretty good.

Well, until that comment hurls my way.

The answer? The occasion? Well, I rose to meet the day. For me, that means looking in a way I feel confident about — dressed a bit more elegantly — so I can put insecurities…

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When you grow up in rural Indiana and have seven acres of corn growing outside your door, you are basically forced to have an extensive knowledge of country music.

Whilst growing up with these Indiana country-junkies, it became very clear very fast that Taylor Swift was not considered a true country singer. It was almost crusaded and protested in my little town as much as homeschoolers like to crusade about their social adeptness (or in other words, convince you they’re not weird).

But deep down, I always loved Taylor Swift.

Her candidness, versatility that transcended genre, and lyrical mastery (always…

What purchases make a happiness difference?

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

It can be embarrassing to admit, but I think we’ve all been let down by some purchases.

For example, maybe you’ve pined for a certain item in the mall for months (let’s say a pair of shoes). You scrounge together your money, wait for the first of the month, and finally go swoop those shoes up like the prince sweeping away Snow White from her stepmother’s mandated cottage isolation.

At last, those endlessly trendy shoes are yours. And that conquest gave you satisfaction for months, right?

Yeah, that wouldn’t be the case for me . . . at all. In…

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

It was a bold move, but not rash. Shoes, belts, purses — they were all going. After 10 years of accumulating clothing (aka, buying absolutely anything that was trendy and falling to every seductive glimmer in a sale attendant’s eye) and never purging, I made my way here.

25 years old, and ready for a change. I would throw away 200 items of clothing that day.

It had been months of change for me: personal and professional. Family and friend dynamics changed. People moved on from me when I could not. Friends started having kids, and I did not. The…

Shelby Poulin

writing on mental + women’s health, habits, and sometimes poetry; hopeless romantic stuck in a modern world

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