929 Students Are Employed At GC

Students have been known to complain about the lack of jobs at student job opportunities at GC, but there are currently 929 students working as student employees on campus.

“There are currently 862 student workers and 67 Federal Work-Study for a total of 929 students employed,” Human Resources Assistant Nancy White said. “The number of students hired depends on departmental needs and varies each year.”

Currently, 92.8 percent of GC’s student workforce is compiled of students workers that may or may not qualify for financial aid.

The other 7.2 percent of student employees are members of the Federal Work-Study program.

FWS provides part-time employment to help need-based students finance the cost of postsecondary education. Jobs provided by FWS are available to students who qualify through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The method for applying for a student job may be tedious, but finding one is not.

“It took me a week [to find a job]. I went to the part-time job fair and found this job and applied immediately,” said Natalie Boswell, a junior chemistry major and assistant supervisor at GC’s Phoneathon.

Phoneathon worker Ansley Latting makes calls to GC alumni at her student job

GC’s Career Center hosts the part-time job fair every year in August. GC faculty, staff and off-campus businesses come looking to hire students.

“Currently I attend the part-time job fair,” said Ashley Kanak, the assistant director of annual giving and supervisor of student employees at GC’s Phoneathon. “I also post the job on the Career Center Career Connection page and I encourage current employee referrals.”

The most frustrating thing about applying for a job at GC is the various ways jobs are listed. Students find jobs listed multiple places, including Career Connection and GCSU Jobs, but the application system is not centralized.

In order to make the process simpler and to reduce student and employer frustration, human resources is working on having all student job postings and applications processed through the GCSU Jobs website.

“I think the process for posting all new jobs on GCSU Jobs will be great. Once that becomes the standard I think students will be able to easily apply for jobs that way,” Kanak said.

Campus employment opportunities have winded down for the semester, but GCSU Jobs is consistently updated with new jobs. Students looking for on-campus jobs should visit GCSU Jobs to apply for new jobs in August.