Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards
Matt Barrie

Stunning level of effort you applied to such a detailed exposition.

The industrial age was about fighting over control over fixed capital assets. What is happening to Australia is analogous to what is happening to Saudi Arabi in this respect of everyone having an incentive to defect-defect instead of the meritocracy that the knowledge age is ushering in.

This is an example of how centralized power structure is corrupt and eventually self-destructs. Because they are all fighting over the same assets. The oil fields. They are not leveraging their own personal productivity.

Austrialians are extracting from the collective asset in a defect-defect prisoner’s dilemma. Everyone must grab the most they can before it is depleted. The race is on and make sure you’re not late to exit with your loot. And you’ll also need to be prepared for clawbacks.

Also wealth seems to drive leftism and hedonism.

So the bottom line is don’t even waste your time and effort trying to think about how to fix Australia. The sooner is disintegrates, the sooner those affected can move on to a decentralized meritocracy.

Right on cue with what wealth for defectors foments, it appears Australia is destined to be the queer capital of the world.