Start Your Engines

Many fans of NASCAR are not happy with the decisions that were recently made by the International Speedway Corp. and Speedway Motorsports Inc. The corporations announced that they would no longer allow people to display the confederate flag at any NASCAR events. This is obviously quite an upset considering that many fans of NASCAR have southern ideologies in regards to how they identify with a southern based culture.

There is a funny video of a bunch of people driving there cars while waving confederate flags in a notion of a peaceful protest. The cops even got involved when they started to block off the intersections so that the cars could drive safely through, but then something funny happens… watch the video below.

Remember that show Dukes Of Hazard? Well if you do not recall, there was a huge confederate flag painted on the roof of the car to establish a notion of rebellion about the people driving the car. As far as I know, the confederate flag on general lee was not used to advocate racism with in the television show, and the car itself is quite a commodity to collectors because of how popular the Dukes of Hazard were back in the day. So why is Bubba Watson painting over the confederate flag on the original General Lee? Seems a little far stretched to some…Maybe he feels forced to because of his social status and the amount of attention people are giving to this flag issue.

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