Is Sleeping Posture The Cause Of Your Back Pain?

Back pain

Fetus position

The soldier

The log

The starfish

These are some of the common sleeping positionpeople opt for a good night sleep. Finding the right position is like the ultimate challenge a person faces during the night. The inability to locate thecoziest corner of the mattress, or the accurate place for the pillow can leave you counting sheep for the rest of the night.

Apart from lack of sleep, incorrect sleeping position can be the reason for an aching back. With little modification, you can ease away the pain and get a peaceful night’s sleep. Here is how you can correct your sleeping position without compromising your spine.

The Right Essential

Before we begin learning about the sleeping posture, it is important that you have the basic essential to ensure spine health, mattress and pillow.

A mattress that is older than 8 years is subjected to decrease in functionality by 75%. A pillow should neither be too thin or thick. This puts the spine in an awkward position. Moreover, a low-quality mattress or pillow fails to provide significant support.

This ends up costing you a visit to the doctor for back pain. Therefore, buy quality mattress. If you have a back problem,invest in orthopedic mattress or pillow. This will ensure a good night sleep and a healthy back.

Keep It Neutral

Your spine has a natural curve that needs to be supported when you lie down. The curvature of the spine sustains stress when you lie on your back. This straightens the backbone,keeping it in an unnatural position.


Adding support of pillow to your back or investing in innerspring foam mattress can mitigate back pain. A quality innerspring mattress can adapt to the shape of your body and reduce discomfort.

Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back keeps is the closest natural position you can maintain. This position evenly distributes body weight and keeps the organs aligned. Sleeping on the back avoids movement of the spine, which can be good for people who have back trouble. Just add a pillow under your back or knees to support the curve of your spine.

Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on the side elongates and maintains a straight posture. It’s the most common sleeping posture, although sleeping on the same side for too long can add pressure in the center of your body.

Switch sides frequently. Remaining in the same positionthroughout the night can cause pain in your shoulders, chest, or hips. You can avoid this with support of a pillow between your knees. This will maintain a neutral position of your spine and pelvis, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping On the Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach misaligns your neutral posture. The upper body arches upward due to the added height of your stomach. This creates discomfort in the lower back, which may lead to severe back pain.

Opt for a safer position like, sleeping on the side. If this is the only position you find comfort in, then place a pillow under your hips to limit the arching of your back.

Different Support For Different Body Types

The shape of your body is an important factor that contributes to back pain. People with wider hips and small waists require a soft mattress for adequate back support. People with straight figures require a firm mattress to support their spine.

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