Hello, world.

My name is Shelby Elise Paine and I’m currently enrolled in MC 3031: Creative Advertising Stragety. Over the course of the semester, I hope to dive back into the use of Adobe Creative Suite, as I have not been in any creative classes since my freshman year. My skills are a little rusty so I anticipate this class will motivate me to keep learning/using those programs.

A little about me: I love coffee, I love dogs. I enjoy making music with the piano keys or with my vocal cords. Photography and videography are creative things that bring me great joy, and I hope to continue capturing moments through film/pictures for the rest of my life. LSU is a very important and special place to me- I am very passionate about this school and serve it through several organziations.

My career aspirations are to travel the nation as an inspirational speaker, produce documentaries, or work with first-year students at a university.

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