My personal CORE score.


If you glance to the left, you will see a strange diagram with certain numbers and certain words. Hang tight as I break this down.

The foreign score to the left is my Creative Core Score. Each attribute listed is one that most people possess, and when reflecting on personal creativity, it is interesting to rank yourself.

Curiosity: While I’ve heard it has killed a great deal of cats, it is something that the maker of this score decided was important for creatives to have. I gave myself an 8 because I’m not always verbally curious but there is a constant stream of questions constantly popping into my head. If I had a dollar for every very strange question I Google per day… I could own Google. (Today’s curious question: does hair have pores?) (Yes, yes it does.)

Openness: I gave myself a 10/10 on openness because this is a trait I feel very confident in. Inviting in others’ ideas, experiences, contributions, and diversities are just a few of the ways I foster openness in my own life and mind. In a creative lens, I stay open to new ways of accomplishing a task and I’m always open to new inspiration.

Risk: I will just keep it real, I am not a risk-taker. A 4/10 on my best day. Risk makes me nervous and unsure. I know that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and all that but sometimes picking up that proverbial basketball is the scariest thing ever. So yes, I’m able to score myself porely in this area and accept my fate as a routine-seeker.

Energy: A solid 7 seemed right for this one. When working on projects, or working toward specific goals I’m incredibly energetic and full of passion. However, when I have no tasks, no new ideas, and nothing to do… I quickly sink into a lazy pile on the floor.

Overall, I do like this scoring but I feel there are definitely other skills/characteristics that a creative individual can have that are important.

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