YETI: Creative Brief

Client: YETI

Job/Product: Ice Chests and Drinkware

Team: Eric Boudet, Shelby Paine, Bon Wells, Madison Thomas

Date: 12 September 2016


The objective is to have customers see YETI as an essential brand to have with them when venturing outdoors, but also a brand to complement everyday life.


The current target audience for YETI would be primarily men above the age of 21. These men are either about to graduate or have already graduated from college. Many of them were involved in a fraternity in college. Some of their favorite activities include drinking a few beers with friends, hunting and fishing. We want to maintain that audience while also garnering a new market with women (specifically mothers) and children.


Our male audience needs to think that YETI is a must have brand when tailgating before a football game, on the boat, in the deerstand or out on the lake. We want our newer audience (women and children) to view YETI as a necessary and valuable commodity. We want both groups to view our products as practical, high-end, adventurous and reliable.


To appeal to men’s generally competitive nature, our tactic would be to showcase statistics and facts about how YETI products outperforming all other products in the market. The tone of this campaign would be masculine, proud, and outdoorsy. To roll-out our new product extensions and appeal to mothers with children, we will maintain the adventurous feel of the brand, but capitalize on how daily life can be an adventure for children. We will urge them to equip their “little adventurer” with quality gear (even if it’s just a thermal water bottle or temperature-controlling school lunch box).


Some of our competitors include RTIC, Icey-Tek and Grizzly. Currently, YETI is leading the market. What separates YETI from other competitors is the clear difference in quality of product from the other competitors: YETI simply has the best quality products.


We want to tell men that in order to be the best fisherman, hunter, wilderness explorer possible.. They need YETI. We want to keep relaying that message that YETI is #1, despite all the new mimic products that are being made. We want to tell our customers that YETI is the best brand in the market and will continue to provide them with quality products as long as we are in operation.


One way to reach our target audience, specifically younger males still in college would be through social media, specifically Snapchat. A way to reach the older males in our target audience would be to place advertisements in popular magazines such as Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, GQ and Sportsman’s Paradise. For our women and kids, advertising on Facebook or in stores that sell school supplies (backpacks and lunchboxes and thermoses).


Some extensions that YETI could introduce are: cooler backpacks that customers could carry on their backs to keep drinks cold for just as long as the tumblers and coolers would; stainless steel lunch boxes for hot or cold lunches of children 1st-12th grade.


We will be able to achieve the desired thought about our brand and awareness of new extension products by curating social media content specifically for each target. Also, utilizing print ads in magazines will be effective for our older audience.

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