An Open Letter to the Boy I Let Break My Heart.

I felt bad about everything for a long time, I felt that it was my fault that everything ended, but that was never the case. Things ended because you didn’t know how to only stay with one girl, and that infuriated me.. it made me question not only the kind of person that I was but also the kind of girlfriend that I was.

I pushed so hard to not let myself be “crazy” and question absolutely everything that happened in our relationship, I gave you your space, I put up with cancelled plans, I let you slide with not being there to comfort me when I needed it the most. I pushed myself to be the “cool” girlfriend that didn’t care if her boyfriend was out hanging with a group of people (even if the majority of them were girls) but then the lying started happening. The lies about why a girl was snapchatting you while we were hanging out or why you didn’t tell me you went to that party. The lies finally broke me heart enough for us to argue about it, but I stayed.

After everything I put up with from you, you left. You never thought twice about leaving, but you did think twice about completely letting me go.. for weeks you had me on a leash, you didn’t wanna be with me but you didn’t want me to be with anyone else. That made it hard for me to completely detox myself from our relationship. It made it hard for me to move on, but eventually that day came where I didn’t care if we were in the same building. I didn’t care if I saw you at a restaurant and I sure has heck won’t go home and cry about it afterwards.

Now you have a new girlfriend and that’s not really the part that bothers me, the part that bothers me is that I see the same thing happening with her. I see you lying and constantly surrounding yourself with girls and constantly flirting. Regardless of if that’s what you’re actually doing or not it’s not healthy in any kind of relationship and sooner or later it will result in cancelled plans or unexpected snapchats. Don’t do that to her, no one deserves to go through that.

I know I could be bitter or hateful towards you, but you were someone I confided in and I can’t take back all the secrets we told one another. There are things that only you know about me just like I know about you. So, I hope you are happy and I hope you cherish the next girls that come into your life.


an ex-girlfriend who couldn’t hold it in any longer.