App Fatigue…yes it’s a thing

Nov 28, 2018 · 2 min read

When the sun rises you casually maneuver your body and seize the opportunity to reach for your smartphone to check the weather, news and of course any messages that may have arrived while you were sombrely sleeping.

According to Statistia, in Canada, it is estimated there 24.02 million (2017) smartphone users. A large majority of Canadians are using smartphones to consume digital content, make online purchases and connect with their family, friends and businesses using messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Slack to name a few. Although many smartphones don’t come pre-installed with messaging apps, consumers are taking it upon themselves to install and integrate them into their daily lives.

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Brands have invested resources and funds to create an app for their audience. The conundrum for a brand is their audience may discover and download their app however rarely engage with content on a daily basis. The cause is App Fatigue!

‘App Fatigue’ is a phrase coined to describe how consumers are growing tired of apps. There’s just too many choices in the marketplace and consumers are bombarded with apps that offer little value to their daily life.

The mobile marketplace:

  • Android users may choose between 3.8 million apps
  • Apple users may choose from 2 million available apps

With average 2,000 apps being launched on a daily basis, apps have started to complicate life instead of simplifying it. The average person has 60–90 apps installed on their phone, using around 30 of them each month and launching 9 per day. So consumers choose to only download the apps that are useful and make their lives easier.

How many apps do you have installed on your smartphone?

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