Back to the Future

Pink Baby Phat logo with images of Lil Kim modeling for the fashion show with a pink flip phone on Windows 95 desktop.
Photo illustration; Image sources: KMazur/Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

This story is a part of our Back to the Future series on how key moments in the year 2000 influenced similar events in 2020.

It’s been 20 years since Baby Phat made its New York Fashion Week debut in 2000. The sexy clothes bedazzled with the iconic Baby Phat…

Women and Mary Mcleod Bethune (co-founder of the New York chapter of NAFAD). Photo: Afro…

BBeing Black in fashion is often boiled down to two words: access and opportunity. The luxury fashion landscape has historically been vastly White. One of luxury’s key pillars is exclusivity; another is scarcity. These principals have been upheld for centuries, not only in luxury fashion but also in the way…

Shelby Ivey Christie

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