I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet… HELP ME!!

So the quote above sums up my extremely unhealthy addiction towards the Internet. Social Media if you want to be more specific. I think in today’s day and age, people are so engrossed in the world of wifi that the beauty and nature of the real world has become so neglected and unnoticed. We all have a love/hate relationship with the Internet for many reasons, the main being we can never seem to get away from it.

My love/hate relationship with the Internet is based upon the fact that I find more comfort sitting behind my phone or a laptop screen than I do exploring the world. Want to know the reason why? People. People in the real world today are so shallow, judgemental, picky etc. and it’s just so impossible to get along with them. My group of friends actually come from the Internet, there’s about five of us, sometimes more if anyone needs a friend, we welcome them in with open arms. Anyway, these people who I communicate with over the Internet are honestly the best people I have ever met, we have skyped and we have had phone calls but that’s it. Our only ways of being our small group is through the Internet. We all live in different places, quite big distances and it drives me insane daily that we have that problem.

1) Talking to my friends online 24/7 distracts me from the real world, talking to people and meeting people who can be there for me in a more physical way.

2) I feel so alone in the real world when I have this wonderful group of friends who I love so much and I just can’t appreciate them as much as I want too because we have screens between us.

I can hands down say online friends are so much better than the people I know up close, from my experience.

I feel so strongly though that I need a break from the Internet, social media, everything but with the risks of not speaking to my best friends for the whole time I’m away? Is the Internet worth giving up that much? Are my friends worth giving up that much? No.

So, there you have it Internet, you keep me hooked and you make me go through some tough stuff but I’m always going to be around because the people I need and love in my life aren’t just arms length away.

Going back to the quote, if I didn’t have the Internet I wouldn’t have my group of friends in my life and I would be going crazy right about now.

Shelby xxx