We haven’t felt like this about a rom-com since Crazy Rich Asians.

Wow okay first off, I realize we’ve posted zilch on this page since the dumpster fire known as 2020 happened. And if you’re one of our readers whose anxiously awaited the return of our reviews: we’re sorry.

(Special shoutout to Tyler Bradford, who asked me and Hamilton last weekend “are y’all still writing movie reviews? I liked reading those.” Here ya go, bud. This one’s for you.)

Given the state of *gestures to everything*, Hamilton and I’ve stuck to streaming films rather than hopping into a nearby AMC. However, we’ve had a handful of opportunities to sit down and enjoy…

Your favorite franchises deserve a break.

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Stop us if this sounds familiar:

You’ve watched the Marvel movies both in order of release AND in chronological order. You avada kedavara’d the Harry Potter franchise (including the Newt Scamander saga). You don’t think you can mentally handle the director’s cuts of all 6 Lord of the Rings films again. And yes, you sped through Star Wars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Rogue One, 8, and 9 in so many orders you’re no longer sure which plots go where.

What more is there to live for?!

Help is on the way! We’ve compiled a list of different…

Have a Bard-filled movie marathon on us in honor of ol’ Billy’s birthday.

Ah, Shakespeare — literary genius, superb story craftsman, and orchestrator of the best sex jokes in theatre. It’s easy to wax poetic about Shakespeare’s dramas and get caught up in the grandeur of his histories. His comedies have become the foundation for so many rom-coms and adaptations we’ve lost count of them.

Shakespeare remains one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) literary forces in history, and both Hamilton and I — the lit nerds we are — watch his plays regularly.

But we won’t get carried away. After all, “brevity is the soul of wit,” and you’re just looking…

The perfect marriage between bibliophilia and cinephilia.

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A tweet this morning from @SketchesbyBoze (The Library Owl) kicked off a beautiful discussion:

And oh boy did we jump on dreaming up director/literature pairings. We went through several (including Taika Waiti doing a version of Hitchhiker’s Guide) but narrowed our list down to 5 pairings each.

Shelby’s List:

*note with regard to mine: All books are subject to color-blind casting at the discretion of their directors. Also, most of the directors mentioned are award-winning screenplay writers, so it’s assumed they’ll also influence/adapt the script to their style.*

Greta Gerwig — Frankenstein

You can bet your bottom dollar my butt will be in a theater seat for these 10 upcoming movies (with or without Hamilton).


Shelby’s Notes: Saying “I love Jane Austen” is an understatement. I wrote a 106-page senior thesis modernizing one of her juvenilia, for crying out loud. And I have the utmost excitement for *any* Austen adaptation — even “Emma.” Also, between Emma and New Mutants, Anya Taylor Joy is going to have a great 2020.

Hamilton’s Notes: The extent of my knowledge of Jane Austen comes from Northanger Abbey, the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, and the modernized version of one of her short stories you wrote (which I still need to give back to you). If the name is…

This list is for anyone who needs to put toxic relationships in a proverbial bear suit and light it on fire.

Not all endings are happy. Relationships are messy. People cheat and lie and never communicate. Couples pretend everything is perfect on social media when it’s not.

But guess what? You’re single, so you don’t have to deal with those things! Congratulations: in any given horror movie, your chances of survival went up significantly because you don’t have another person weighing down your decision making!

Don’t believe us? These 10 movies are perfect for anyone who needs a reminder that being single definitely is not a bad thing.

Hamilton’s picks

The Strangers

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Shelby: It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for good rom-coms. I’ve only ever wanted to be Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail. And I’m a sucker for bad rom-coms. Those terrible ones at Christmas where a career woman falls for a ruggedly handsome carpenter with a dog who wants to help her rebuild an inn and teach her the meaning of Christmas? I eat those up.

Hamilton: It’s no secret that I pretend to roll my eyes at a good rom-com. But the truth is that I adore classics like You’ve Got Mail (My dog is Brinkley’s derpy chocolate…

We might as well put our AMC A-List memberships to good use.

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The following is a real-time discussion I (Shelby Rogers: content writer, movie lover, Jane Austen reader, marathon runner, constant napper) had with Hamilton Barber (also a writer, also a movie lover, Stephen King reader, definitely-not-a-runner, and my significant other).

Hamilton: So is the idea “Shelby and Hamilton talk about movies”? Just kind of in general?

Shelby: Yeah. Movies we’re seeing together. Movies we watch separately and review (either together or separately). Our different takes on movies. Predictions for awards seasons. That kind of stuff.

We naturally do this anyway when we call each other after seeing something good or bad…

The last sport I ever wanted to do kept me passionate about the one thing I felt born to do

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

I never wanted to be a runner. I always wanted to be a writer.

Three years ago, if you’d asked me to list similarities between running and writing, I would’ve stared at you. And then laughed.

Three years ago, writing meant I blissfully threw copy down for freelance clients in the calm chill of my parents’ basement. It felt easy. It felt freeing at times. I felt like a true freelance writer — a struggling artiste.

Then, after a year of consistent freelance work and working part-time, I hit a wall. Anxiety overtook me. …

Please let me eat my avocado toast in peace.

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To Gen X writers at Business Insider, I’m sorry for killing off Applebees.

I know that was your favorite place to eat on Sunday afternoons and not tip your waitresses more than 5% because “she didn’t smile enough and just wasn’t in a good mood.”

To Audra from my women’s studies course, I’m sorry my one-sentence social media posts don’t have enough nuance for you.

No, I didn’t think about how much saying “get that bread” impacted the mental health of millions of people prohibited from 1) eating and 2) making money. No, I didn’t consider the ramifications my words would have on the gluten-free and celiac community.

No, I didn’t explain the nuances of institutionalized poverty and how race plays a huge role in it.

No, I didn’t think about the feelings…

Shelby Rogers

Orlando-based Content Marketing Strategist // Sometimes I write the funny things. Sometimes I write the serious things.

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