Frontin BH 2014

Sheldon Led
Jul 30, 2014 · 3 min read

My First ‘Frontin’… I was there and I tell you : THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!

It’s been a time since I am focusing on front-end technologies, and nothing better than events, conferences, workshops, you name it, to keep us updated.

In 2013 I went to TDC SP (trilha de UX/Front-end), and I learned plenty of things. I was able take my wife with me and also managed to see my old friend Relson. This year was the time to go to Belo Horizonte, the city of the wonderful FrontinBH. It was the first time me and my wife go to B.H. and we had a joyful weekend.

OBS: You can read this post in Portuguese here:

Everything was awesome

Watch this Awesome video on Youtube

Planning feat. Anxiety

We arrived in B.H. a few minutes before the event, and she stayed with me at the beginning, then I took her to the hotel so she can rest while I faced rain and a long delay subway to go back at Ney Soares Theather and loose the beginning of a talk about TrackingJS.

The Event

The event gave us funny moments, like “Livraria” (a wrong translation of Library) and “Oxenti” (a funny expression of surprise), and the author of the first one could give me cool tips about the international market and how to practice English by myself☺. This guy (Michael Lancaster) was also responsible for show us the Node Webkit, a platform for native development using technologies known for us web developers.

The event opening was taken by the awesome Bernard De Luna, a person already known by his sexy projects, and the first lecture was about UI test frameworks, and the ones that most caught my attention was: Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha, Buster e Karma. The next talk was another great one, about web developing workflow (Design vs. Implementation), and what stood out was the power of Webflow.

As I said above, I lost some talks, because I went to lunch next to hotel, and I checked in and put my stuff, so when I went back, I arrived at the middle of TrackingJS talk, that is an awesome framework that enable you to do real-time color tracking, face detection and much more. I asked Zeno Rocha at coffee break, if they started developing this with something in mind, and he said: “No, and it doesn’t have anything with our job (at Liferay). We just had an idea and started coding”.

Talking about coffe break, it was delicious. I got to personally meet people I only knew in social networks. I talked a bit with Yamil Asusta, who spoke about the amazing Browserify, a tool that allows you to bring npm modules to the browser. I also talked with Felquis, about a lot of things, mainly about meetups and workshops.

In the late afternoon, we had the girls of Github, talking about the power of Polyfills and after, Mathias Bynens talking about JavaScript with Unicode. Among other things that happened in the event that I haven’t mentioned here, I like to end this post with the main advice I heard there: “Face the challenges, that’s the only way you go far”.

Anxious to FrontinBH 2015 =)

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