Mouth Breathing: What Every Parents Needs to Know

According to the research, mouth breathing is a big health issue. Most of the peoples don’t realizes it. You should change your habit if you are suffering mouth breathing. Parents must pay attention to their children about mouth breathing. Breathing is the most important function of the body. It may cause health problems by breathing through mouth. These problems could be severe especially for children because it affects the face of your children for longtime.


Your mouth is open and you don’t force it to close, it is your open mouth habit. Somme peoples keep their mouth open for breathing. These are open mouth resting postures or simply open mouth. A healthy breathing is with a closed mouth, inhaling and exhaling through the nose and is natural position. Some adults already know about their open mouth breathing and some adults not aware about it. It is so challenging for patients to keep their mouth close while eating or speaking. Some patients are too much conscious about their mouth.

Mouth Breathing is Highly Concerned Issue

Having open mouth is like a silly thing, may be simple issue or may not. But it is a highly concerned issue.

Effects of Mouth Breathing

Here are some effects of mouth breathing.

Teeth and braces

Your treatment will be challenging if your brace takes too long it is difficult for your dentist. Once your braces are removed, the stability of your teeth’s alignment will be compromised and the gap between your teeth should be difficult to close. You may need braces in future, means you had experience of orthodontic relapse.


If your children suffers from open mouth breathing, it is difficult for them to speech. The main issue is to correctly saying a word sound by “S” speech and a common problem is lisp. When you have open mouth problem, speech is affected. You will also suffer in tongue thrust swallowing pattern. During speaking, swallowing, the swallowing pattern cause the tongue to protrude.

Facial Growth and Development

Facial growth and development is very important. The growth is a very powerful force and it needs to realize. If your child have open mouth then your child will grow with flatter facial features, less prominent cheekbones, a longer face, droopier eyes and lower facial muscle tone, a narrower palate and even a smaller lower jaw. You can beware from these by closing the mouth and breathing through the nose. Children may suffer from abnormal facial and dental development whose mouth will not be treated. By breathing your mouth, it can change the shape of your face.

Sleep and Oxygen

There is a chance that adults breathe through their mouths all night it is because when adults and children breathe their mouths during all the day. The two symptoms connected to sleep apnea altered levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the bloodstream that is mouth breathing at night, combined with an obstructed airway. It becomes a problem when there is less oxygen is able to reach, learning and ability to focus at school. Chronic fatigue, tiredness and brain fog are common symptoms in adults.

Mouth breathing can also effect on the other body parts and leads to symptoms:

· It may lead to headache.

· Gingivitis and gum disease.

· Bad breathe and higher risk of cavities.

· Sore throat and cold symptoms.

· Poor sleep.

· Digestive disturbance.


In adults and children it is necessary for medical and professionals to assess mouth breathing. Its negative effect on facial and dental development can be reduced by treating at early stage of mouth breathing.

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